Darol Anger


Darol Anger’s Bluegrass & Beyond: Fiddle-ology

One of the most influential fiddlers alive, Darol Anger has played and studied Bluegrass music all his life. More than traditional fiddling, a high level of ensemble skills are required for Bluegrass Fiddling.

The Bluegrass & Beyond Fiddle-ology workshop will probably include (but not be limited to)

  • Soloing:

- Prepared or improvised solos- Playing and quoting lead melodies- Quoting important historical fiddle solos Uncle Pen
- Harmonizing melodies

  • Backup skills:

- Techniques for playing fills

- Generating counterlines harmonies and double-stop textures
- Rhythms, bow shuffles, and the Chop

Also to be included in the Intensive:

- Bowing tricks, tips, and techniques
- Playing fiddle tunes at high speeds and difficult keys
- Intonation exercises
- “problem” areas of the fiddle
- high positions on the neck

  • Other issues that might be diminishing our ability to have fun because they are difficult. Folded into the session, we’ll examine tonal concepts, phrasing, rhythm techniques, the Blues melodic environment, look at the Dominant 7th Cycle, and analyze some standard tunes to freshen, polish and possibly ruin them.

Participants can expect to come away with new or improved techniques and insights that will lend to increased understanding, ease, and fun when playing Bluegrass fiddle in either an accompanying or a solo role. Knowledge of these ideas and techniques will greatly increase fiddlers’ musical confidence and spontaneity in a Bluegrass jam or band.

This workshop is perfect for you if you...
can play some fiddle tunes up to speed from memory
have spent some time playing up the neck
have played some double stops
are able to understand notation (not sight reading).

The workshop is open from 5 participants on

Darol Anger

Freestyle fiddler, composer, producer and educator Darol Anger has helped drive the evolution of the contemporary string band through his involvement with numerous pathbreaking ensembles such as his Mr Sun Band, Republic Of Strings, the Turtle Island String Quartet, thDavid Grisman Quintet, The Montreux Band, Psychograss, The Duo and other ensembles. Darol can be heard on the Sim City soundtracks and on NPR's "Car Talk" theme, along with Earl Scruggs, David Grisman and Tony Rice.

In addition to performing all over the world since 1977, he has recorded and produced scores of important recordings, is a MacDowell and UCross Fellow, and has received numerous composers’ residencies and grants. He has been a featured soloist on dozens of recordings and motion picture soundtracks. He is Professor Emeritus at the Berklee College of Music and runs an innovative online Fiddle School with www.ArtistWorks.com.

Darol has a passion for intergenerational education and performance as a way to bridge imaginary borders of age and culture. He envisions a great nation of string players, embodied by The Republic of Strings: a floating intergenerational orchestra that plays music scooped from backyards, garages and kitchens in every continent. Through Berklee College, his online Fiddle School, international music camps and clinics, concerts, and residencies, Darol is committed to promoting appreciation of musical diversity and the evolution of personal musical styles based on strong cultural roots, throughout the world.

His website is www.darolanger.com