In these trying times I asked our past teachers to make some music for us.

Now more than anytime else is the time to spread hope, positive vibes and constructive thoughts, and nothing can do it better than what keeps bringing us together year after year, to see old friends and meet new ones: music.

Minieracustica is a friendly moment, rich in human warmth, kindness, respect and sharing. We should keep these values safe and spread them, now and in the future.
I would like to keep our community connected and think together of our beautiful sky in Miniera…

You can find here some videos recorded from these great musicians and people that want to give hope to Italy and the world.

You all take care of yourselves, be safe, and hopefully we'll meet when this bad predicament will finally be behind us.

March 2020





Urbino in Italy

the month of August

two courses

two colors…


MINIERACUSTICA is an acoustic music camp which takes place on the site of an abandoned mine near the town of Urbino, in central Italy.

The focus is centered around acoustic and improvised music within the folk, bluegrass, old-time and jazz traditions. Our goal was to create a place which would combine the study and celebration of music and music making, with the joy and pleasure of a holiday. A place where everyone is both professor and student and can bring a bit of themselves, their background and their musical journey to share with everyone else.

The courses are held by first class musicians. There are daily classes, seminars, one-to-one tuition, concerts and, of course lots of jamming. You can also try your hand at arts and crafts courses, visit to local town of Urbino or just chill in the pool. The food is all home made, locally sourced italian food of the highest quality (alternative diets available).



Minieracustica is divided into two one-week camps (Yellow week and Blue week) each with it’s own program.

The yellow week is often focused on manouche style, improvisation for multiple instruments and singing.

The blue week is more centered around the american styles of bluegrass and appalachian music.

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